Self-Help: Forgiving for Your Sake

One of the fantastic barriers to becoming the best you can be is feeling rage and resentment toward someone that you believe has done you incorrect. Capture a different stand on rage and resentment toward those that try to harm you. Do not give them ability over you. Forgive them and feel a strength from offering your forgiveness. Know that you are a bigger and stronger person since you have within you the capacity to believe that no one can truly harm you, unless you allow it.
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Woman, Who Are You Really Then?

We’re so used to being busy busy busy in business and in our family and social lifetime that we often don’t have age to reckon, let alone focus on ourselves. This article challenges women to challenge their stress and frustrations by remembering who they really are, their fair identity, rather than who they were trained to be. It also provides a quick and simple technique to de-stress within seconds.
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On Being a Coach

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a personal or business coach; to employment with the messy areas of human beings’s lives and businesses? Of, direction, like any profession, there are positives and negatives pros and cons to coaching as a career. More information: more info