From Having Just Enough to BEING Enough

I think that one of the deepest beliefs many of us cart around with us is the belief that there is not enough abundance to go around to each and every one of us on the planet. There is dire hunger, war and conflict in so many places, seemingly to prove to us how the psychology of lack is so rampant and impossible to change. These are the big questions that we should be asking ourselves. Not how I can create a living for MYSELF, but how WE can create a world of abundance and cooperation for all of us.
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An Effective Work Out Plan for Perfect Six Pack Abs

An article discussing the desire for six pack abdominal muscles, looking at the views of some of the experts and what they recommend. Looking for an effective work out plan for perfect six pack abs? Look no further! Dreaming of perfect abs? You’re not alone. Every expert agrees that getting the right kind of exercise is only half of what is required for getting that perfect six pack and enhancing your abdominal muscles.
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How to Be Truly "Living the Dream"

I think we’ve all had a moment in our life where one of our friends asked us how we were doing and we uttered these magical words: “Just living the dream.” But just whose dream are you living? Dreams are powerful tools that help define your life mission. The only question is, are you willing to find and live yours?
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