Become A Better Listener

So many times we find ourselves repeating what we have said to someone since they weren’t really listening. Perhaps their minds were wandering while we were talking. Maybe they had something troubling on their minds. It could be there were distractions which kept them from hearing. However, it happens more often than not. Not everyone listens. More information: selfimprovement articles

Spiritual Counseling – Spirituality Is No Religion

Spirituality is not the same as religion. Spirituality teaches unconditional like. Many religious texts, exceptionally the Bible and the Koran, have been edited by those seeking ability and control over the masses. As a result, contradictions run rampant. The God of the Ancient Testament is depicted as a vengeful and jealous God who dictates “commandments” to those who worship him. Much the crucifixion tale of Jesus is based on the death of a male who gives up his lifetime so that humanity could be saved. However did he? More information: more info

Problem Definition Strategies

The most vital step of all is defining a difficulty. Defining the difficulty plays a vital part in the difficulty solving, since, different definitions lead to different attitudes. Einstein said: if I had one hour to save the earth I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the difficulty and only five minutes finding the solution.
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How Can You Get Smarter Easily

Today I will introduce you to a couple of different strategies that could very possibly get you smarter and enhance your thinking abilities. Some of these techniques I’ve personally tested, while others I haven’t been able to try outside yet, however simply learned about while researching the topic.
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