The allure of what vs. the how that is the difference between misery and abundance

Your vocabulary, the number and the kind of words you use, is a dead giveaway of the level of your spiritual evolution… simply put your vibrational frequency. If I could not measure it accurately other ways, I would use that â?¦ Continue reading â??

The biggest stumbling block you have to growth that will fail you

orderParents are not trained educators. They don’t allow you to be a child: they only care about themselves… not you, no matter how much they pretend, even to themselves. You, as a parent, are the same way… You would be â?¦ Continue reading â??

Why the way you live, you can’t grow…

time moves in one directionOne of the reasons we don’t grow, is because the nature of time is that it goes one way. Now, it is true that time goes one way, but we, humans, are equipped with a brain that is able to … Continue reading ?


The Newest Mind Movies Product

The Newest Mind Movies Productmind moviesThe primary idea of the Mind Movies Matrix is to provide you with a, multi-sensory approach to manifesting by COMBINING the powerful visuals and subconscious programming of visualization … With the below the conscious level internal adjusting of brainwave entrainment that puts you in a peak state for individual transformation.

The cornerstone of that being the audio-visual visualization and brainwave entrainment videos that are very comfortable to listen to … but that spark inside change on a level you've probably never seen before.

Actually, Mind Movies Matrix has 4 unique categories based on our community's most important goals, so you can choose what you want to focus on at any given time:

  1. Money
  2. Weight loss
  3. Intimate and business relationships
  4. Finding the one

Each one of these categories contain:

  • A specially crafted brainwave entrainment Matrix Mind Movie that mixes brainwave entrainment sounds with the pictures and subconscious suggestions of a classic Mind Movie. All you need to do is watch it very first thing after you wake up for just 3-5 minutes with headphones, and let the sounds and visuals impress themselves onto their subconscious.
  • A Subliminal Matrix Mind Movie to for 3 minutes watch in the evening. These are similar to Matrix Mind Movies, with the differentce that they replace brainwave entrainment sounds with upbeat music and oodles of highly effective subliminal suggestions intended to tunnel deep into the subconscious and program for any desired outcome.
  • A 60-minute subliminal audio that might be listened to at any time for a positive improvement to emotions, thoughts and power. It's great play one at work, having a meal or even during travelling to work. The beauty is that it doesn't even require focus, they do all the work in the background, and the soothing voice and nature sounds we've made them with make them joy to listen to.
  • Finally, you get a relaxing Sleep Meditation Audio (that is available in a guided and non-guided version) to soothe and prep your mind not merely for sleep … but to build up motivation, energy and intention to achieve a specific goal, during your sleep !


The secret of saying no

Kissinger_TimeThis is from the Monday Morning Memo: Years ago, when Henry Kissinger was one of the most admired men in America, my friend Ronnie mistakenly dove into the shallow end of a hotel pool late one night and scraped his … Continue reading ?

Review: Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies: does it work? is it worth buying it?

imagined experiencesBefore I start talking about the subject matter, Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies, let me quickly teach you something: The internet is populated, 90%, with material that is designed to make money for the person or company that published it. If … Continue reading

Top New York Photographer Coney Island Pictures

Top New York Photographer Coney Island PicturesKeith Terracina, maverick New York street photographer is spending this summer photographing people having a good time on Coney Island, NY. The photographs are candid, showing people dancing, getting into the water, playing, fooling around. Some of them are spectacular, but every one of them is good.

On a lighter note…

XF2d_700I want you to look at funny… and tell me if the laugh you got is sympathetic, self-recognition, funny because it’s unexpected, unusual, etc. or derisive… Please… The deeper you see the faster you’ll raise your vibration. Guaranteed.